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For many years in his private practice, Premier Research Labs' Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Robert J. Marshall, PhD, CCN, DACBN, used a myriad of EAV (Electroacupuncture According to Voll) and other body-scan and biofeedback devices to help deliver more personalized nutritional programs to his clients. Eventually the use of this type of equipment fell out of favor in his private practice for many reasons, one of which was the development of the Quantum Reflex Analysis™ system, commonly known as QRA™. Dr Marshall likes to note that he has a "garage full of these kinds of machines" as he is constantly searching and striving for the best of what is available to enhance the clinical nutrition practice. For many years, the search for results driven testing devices capable of delivering a reliable bio-communication feedback that the QRA™ can deliver, ended up fruitless.

With the assistance of a New York-based practitioner, Dr. Christy Weston, PRL was able to work more closely with ZYTO technology to develop a product database and series of nutritional tests that would closely mimic the procedural flow of the QRA™ system. ZYTO uses Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) to interact and communicate with the body's inherent biofield much the way the use of kinesiological testing (modified 'O' ring muscle testing) in the QRA™ system allows a practitioner to access the body's biofield. PRL realizes that not every practitioner feels competent or can develop the skill of muscle testing. Therefore the partnership with ZYTO allows PRL to provide an effective testing solution for those practitioners not proficient in kinesiological testing as well as creating new test options for those who practice QRA™ using the modified 'O' ring testing.

PRL is working exclusively with Dr. Christy Weston to develop extensive clinical protocols and make her expertise available to all QRA™ practitioners via ongoing training and support in the clinical use of ZYTO technology. PRL is excited to work with the ZYTO system and Dr. Weston to develop more innovations for this technology that can complement PRL practitioners' patient care.

The nutritional technology of ZYTO™ allows you to see more clients in a day without working longer hours and boost client satisfaction while increasing your supplement revenue.

Premier Research Labs supports the use of ZYTO™ technology, and offers a referral program for both the Balance and the Elite models.

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